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CPP Film

Cast polypropylene commonly known as CPP and also widely known about its versatility. CPP is growing in popularity among many areas as a more attractive packaging material against polyethylene. CPP film is available in different types like metalisable, twist wrap (hot & cold lamination) and multiple applications depending upon its end use. Our CPP films are made from FDA approved resins and are safe for food packaging.

Q1.) What is CPP Films?

Cast Polypropylene (CPP) film is polypropylene based plastic film that is produced using a casting process. This product is widely used in the flexible packaging industry as a sealing layer in food packaging, especially for solid food products. The main characteristics of CPP film are a high gloss finish, high clarity, increased rigidity and high moisture barrier.

Q2.) CPP Films Features and Benefits?

1) CPP is used for the FFS machine because of its soft texture & high gloss.
2) Super resistance to tears & puncture, greater transparency and better heat resistance at 140°C useful for hot filling and retort sterilization.
3) Offers superb moisture and atmospheric barriers.
4) High permeability to water vapour.
5) Low specific weight (0.90 g/cm3) and gives high yield per unit area.

Q3.) CPP Films Specification?

1) Available clear transparent & metalized and white opaque.
2) Thickness 18micron to 60micron.
3) Width Maximum 1200mm.
4) Corona treatment Minimum 38 dynes/cm to 46 dynes/cm.

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