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Polyester Films

Polyester Films Wholesalers

We are offering our clients with Polyester films which are widely appreciated for their high gloss appearance. These metallized films are widely used for gift wrapping, twist wrappers, chewing gum wrappers, cosmetics & luxury products.

  • Thickness : 4.5 mic to 250mic
  • Colour shades : Clear transparent, Metallised, Milky

Q1.) What is Polyester (PET) Films?

Polyester film is known for several characteristics which are unique and incomparable among many components in today's industries. This type of component is made from polyethylene terephthalate or PET. Polyester film is popular for its high tensile strength. It also has dimensional and chemical stability ideal for many industrial functions. Its reflectivity along with aroma and gas barrier makes it an even more versatile component. Polyester film is also good for electrical insulation.

Q2.) What is the use of PET Films?

Packaging: Food packaging general uses, film for flexible pouches, peel-able seals, lids, snacks, barrier films, can laminations, and vacuum insulation panels.

Industrial & Specialties: Hot stamping foil, release films, photo resist films, metallic yarns, adhesive tapes, plastic cards (including "smart" cards), labels, lamination films, brightness enhancement films (computer screens), solar/safety window films, medical test strips, and miscellaneous uses.

Electrical: Motor wire and cable, transformer insulation films, capacitors, thermal printing tapes, membrane touch switches (computer and calculator keyboards), and flexible printed circuit films.

Imaging: Microfilm, printing and pre-press films,color proofing, printing plates, drawing office drafting film, overhead transparencies, X-ray films, instant photos, business graphics, and wide format displays.

Magnetics: Videotape, audio cassette tape, floppy disks, and advanced high-density computer storage media.

Q3.) Polyester Film Features and Benefits?

1) Transparency
2) Excellent strength
3) High flexibility
4) Tear resistance

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