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Aluminium Foil

Aluminium Foil

Aluminum Foil is a very common and popularly used material. The idea behind foil is to take a solid metal and process it until it’s very, very thin. Aluminum foil is made from materials that naturally occur in the earth. Making these materials into the roll of foil found in most homes is a process done in factories by very large machines that melt the materials at high temperatures, mold them into large, heavy, solid blocks of aluminum (ingots), and then use pressure roll the huge slabs over and over until they thin out!

  • Thickness: 6.5mic / 9mic / 12mic

Q1.) What is Aluminum Foils?

Aluminum foil is a fixture around the world. It is a paper-thin sheet of rolled aluminum that tears easily and can be used to wrap and store food, in art, as decoration, as insulation and in heat exchangers.

Q2.) Uses of Aluminum Films?

aluminum film is used for multilayer laminates with are uesed in packaging of bulk farm and food items, premixes & many more applications & ready to eat food. Regular kitchen foil has many uses outside the kitchen. It can be used over the mouth of a bottle and the cap placed on it, so the liquid will not leak. It can be an impromptu palette for paint. Cosmetologists even use foil when coloring or highlighting a client's hair. They may also mix upthe hair color in a makeshift bowl of aluminum foil.

Q3.) Aluminum Films Features and Benefits?

Freezer-to-oven convenience: The only packaging that canwithstand extreme temperature changes, aluminum can go from the freezer to the oven to the table – saving time during food preparation.

Microwaveability: It’s true – aluminum foil containers can be used in microwave ovens! In fact, foods heat more thoroughly in aluminum than in plastic and retain more of their original texture and flavor.

Transportability: Aluminum containers are leak-resistant, sturdy, stackable, and keep foods fresher than plastic or styrofoam containers.

Easy clean up: Choose easy clean-up or no clean-up. After cooking, save your aluminum containers and recycle them.

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