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Why PumaRoto G Rotogravure Printing Machines?

Introducing PumaRoto G rotogravure printing machines - the latest innovation in high-volume, high-quality printing. Here are some key features that make our machines stand out:

1. Hybrid technology: Our machines can save up to 25% of ink compared to normal rotogravure machines. This is due to the furnishings roller that transfers ink from the ink tray to the cylinder, resulting in less ink splashing and evaporation.
2. Uniform ink spread: With automatic ink supply to the ink tray, our machines offer good uniform ink spread, faster cell healing, and enhanced print quality.
3. Scientifically designed heat dryer: Our heat dryer has a blowing angle of 90 degrees over the film, ensuring accurate and faster drying of ink.
4. 3D AutoCAD software: Our machines are designed on the latest AI-enabled technology that gives zero errors in machine drawing and ensures under 2-micron accuracy in each wall, leading to zero vibration during runs.
5. Mikky pulley couplings: Our new innovation in MLS eliminates jerks during uptime or downtime, reducing wastage due to misregistration.
6. Shaftless shafted combi cylinder system: Our latest innovation helps use multiple cylinder sizes.
7. Heavyweight with pneumatic pumps in ink blades: We have added the latest heavy weight with two pneumatic pumps in ink blades for easy setting and zero gap during setup, resulting in faster productivity.
8. High-tech components: We use components from the most high-tech machines globally, such as SMC pumps from Japan, FAG bearings, SEW motors from Germany, Meech static eliminator from the UK, Siemens drives, ATE and BST auto-registration system, and web video. This makes our machine one of the most advanced and high-tech machines available.

With these features, our PumaRoto G rotogravure printing machines are indispensable in industries where high-volume, high-quality printing is required. Contact us today to learn more and improve your printing capabilities.


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