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Introducing the new concept of printing

Introducing The Digital Printing Concept, we are happy to share the new concept with you. This concept is specially build keeping startup companies in mind. Many startup companies want to start new business by introducing a new brand in the market. However there are many challenges and high start up cost behind launching the products which are mostly financial issues. We are into brand building and esthetic packaging business. We help our customers to develop their brand image to represent their products in markets in the most sustainable way.
We are a packaging company with expertise in rotogravure and digital conversion of laminates, pouches, and sachets. we can provide the best suitable solutions for any kind of packaging like laminated rolls, pouches, multilayer films, Bopp films, polyester twist grade films(candies and chocolate), nylon films, retort pouches, etc.
We have developed a new concept where we help customers to launch their products in branded multilayer pouches without spending on cylinders and without giving any quantity commitments. Generally, when any pouch or sachet is to be printed as per the design first a customer has to spend on cylinders and have to go for min quantity from 400kgs to 500 kgs as per the layers and thickness. Sometimes to launch 4 to 5 variants SKUs clients incur costs up to 10 lacks or more .due to such costs clients don't take initiative to dive into new expansion or resist launching his products.
Our these concepts can pave a way for people who want to launch multiple products, variants in the market but do not want to spend a fortune on a cylinder making cost and with only 50kg of laminate order per variant. This concept also helps companies to do test marketing of their launching of new flavor or variant. At one tenth of the cost. We support startup India and hence we hope this concept will also help your products reach the right customers.

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